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Even if you can purchase your next home with cash, you may want to consider getting a mortgage for some or all of the purchase price. With today’s historically low interest rates many financial planners recommend financing the purchase of a home or investment property. If you decide to use mortgage financing to buy your next home, you will need to get pre-approved for the purchase. This is a very easy task and can be done over the phone and within hours.

Below is a list of mortgage lender contact we recommend for you:

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Did you know that you could be eligible for substantial tax savings depending on how you answer a few specific questions? Will this home be your primary residence or are you a disabled veteran? For more information consult the Broward County Property Appraisers official website at the link below.

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If you’re applying for a mortgage you may be required to purchase flood insurance by your mortgage lender. All flood insurance is backed by FEMA who also maintains the national flood zone maps to decide whether or not your property is in a flood zone. To find more information on the national flood insurance program you can consult the FEMA website at the following link: 

For more detailed information on your specific situation you should consult an insurance professional. 

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Florida may be required to buy. 

  1. Hazard Insurance (Damage caused by Fire & General Hazards)
  2. Windstorm (Damage caused by Wind Storms like Hurricanes)
  3. Flood Insurance (Damage caused by rising water. Determined by location of property and flood zones)

When you are ready to get your Home Insurance quotes, here are a few agents that we recommend.  It's a good idea to get a quote from all three. You can use an agent you already have a relationship with, but if they do not already write policies in Florida, they will probably not be able to help you.

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A thorough home inspection is designed to discover major flaws in a home prior to your purchase saving you costly surprise expenses during your home ownership. An “AS-IS with Right to Inspect” contract will allow you to terminate a contract or negotiate repair credits based on the results of your home inspection. 

Below are a few home inspectors we recommend. 

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A thorough title search along with title insurance ensures lean free, clear title ownership of your property for the entire time you own your home. We recommend choosing a title company run by an attorney. Not every title company has legal counsel on call. Nor is it required by the state of Florida. Choose carefully. 

Below are some attorney run title companies that we recommend. 

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The utility services to have setup are listed below:

Florida Power & Light (FPL)



Electricity can be turned on by going on the FPL website or calling them directly. Water/Trash/Sewer is a bit more complicated. Most likely you will need proof of ownership in order to have this service put in your name. You can call the city or go on their website and follow their specific instructions since each city is different. And last, pick the Cable/Internet of your choice, Comcast & AT&T are our largest carriers in the area. 

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions regarding the setup of these utilities.  

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